Nekton DOO - ICT company


Nekton DOO is a company that focuses on providing ICT engineering and consulting services, as well as designing and maintaining information systems and computer networks.​​​​​​​

To our present and future clients we offer tailor-made solutions for both simple and advanced systems, built on high-quality software and hardware solutions while ensuring a well-balanced quality to price ratio.

By implementing the latest advances in information technology, we will continue to insist on the solutions that can be tailored to suit the customer’s needs, that can be implemented in the shortest time possible and with minimal changes to the existing ICT environment.


Nowadays, when the amount of data produced is in the enormous increase, when there are more and more unstructured data and security challenges, the importance of information is ever increasing.

We offer to our clients assistance in the challenges that are put before them.

An important feature of our work with customers is flexibility in negotiating the commercial terms of purchase. Purchase can be done either through leasing approved by our suppliers, service payments on a monthly basis with the ability to increase or decreases the number of licenses or partial payments in accordance with the schedule of execution of works.

Our role in partnership with our customers is to listen to their demands and based on them design and implement most efficient solution. We always choose the optimal hardware and software needed to build the system while allowing the option of upgrading in the future. We also choose the most convenient way of licensing software that will be used, but without being part of the estimated budget (best buy design).

After the implementation, adjustment and configuration of the system to fit the needs of the user, we offer training services to its employees who will use and manage the system in their daily work.