On of our primary area of business activity is to provide consulting services in the field of ICT. The range of services we offer goes from designing a system that consists of a few computers and peripheral devices, to creating more complex solutions for small and medium-sized companies.

In addition to building ICT system from the beginning, we provides services for pre-sales support to customers who want to know the opinion from another source and post-sales support when client need a new solution fit in the existing system.

ICT Engineering Services

We provide ICT engineering services in both implementing new as well as maintaining existing information systems.

Our main engineering activities include:

  • Implementing new and servicing already existing system features.

  • Maintenance and supervision of systems.

  • Providing technical support in case of system failure or malfunction.

We also offer preventive services support to our clients through through the Maintenance and Support Agreements.

System Integration Services

We provide our clients with complete solutions.

When designing a system we choose optimal hardware and software that fully meets current requirements, allowing for the possibility of upgrading the system as the needs of the company increase due to its growth.

We engage in the sale and licensing of both the popular software packages (operating systems, anti-virus software, software for protection and backup...etc) and highly specialized software solutions designed by hardware companies to ensure proper operation of the appliances.

Along with supplying hardware and licenses, we also offer full system installation and configuration.