Mobile Device Management

The ever-increasing amount of data on mobile devices used by employees creates management and security challenges. Businesses are struggling to balance business productivity, diversity of mobile platforms, and employee demands for BYOD/CYOD. The pressure is on IT to manage mobile demands and enable mobile productivity.

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) suites enable organizations to integrate and manage mobile devices in their IT infrastructures. Organizations use EMM tools to perform the following functions for their users:

• Provisioning. Configuring devices and applications for enterprise deployment and use, managing updates, and assisting with device upgrade and retirement.

• Auditing, tracking and reporting. Tracking device inventories, settings and usage to verify compliance with enterprise policies and manage assets.

• Enterprise data protection. Mitigating data loss, theft, employee termination or other incidents by adding controls for data encryption, data access rights, shared devices, application wrapping and containment, and device lockdown.

• Support. Troubleshooting mobile device problems through inventory, analytics and remote actions.

By controlling and protecting the data and configuration settings for all mobile devices in the network, MDM can reduce support costs and business risks. The intent of EMM is to optimize the functionality and security of a mobile communications network while minimizing cost and downtime.

Sophos Mobile Control

Sophos Mobile Control is a leading Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution that secures mobile devices and protects corporate data, without impacting employee productivity. Sophos Mobile Control work on the principle of compliance checks, where server regularly checks registered devices to see if they adhere to security policies. If they fail to adhere, either the admin can trigger a specific action, or a pre-defined remediation action may start.

SMC includes:

• Mobile Device Management (MDM),

• Mobile Content Management (MCM),

• Mobile Application Management (MAM) and

• Mobile Email Management (MEM).

Sophos Mobile Control features:

• Secure mobile devices. Establish and enforce mobile security policies and monitor the device status. Automatic remediation assures devices remain safe and corporate data secure.

 Protect data on mobiles. Containerization ensures the highest level of security while enhancing the user experience by separating business and personal data. Users can personalize their device usage while keeping their personal environment isolated from the corporate one. Precautions can be taken, including various levels of encryption to protect business data. Encryption protects the data within the container. File encryption can be added for an additional layer of security if files need to be shared outside the company.

• Email Container. Sophos Secure Email provides a secure containerized solution for email, calendar, and contacts. Corporate provisioned email and related calendar and contacts are isolated from other email applications on the device.

• Content Container. Enable productivity in a secure way by giving user access to the documents they need. Employees can share and collaborate internally and externally and IT can assure that all corporate documents are protected and encrypted.

• Corporate Browser. IT can provide secure browsing access to the most used corporate sites. Sophos corporate browser also supports single sign-on to corporate intranet sites and other frequently accessed websites.

• Native OS Containers. Support for Native OS containers includes Samsung Knox and iOS managed settings.

• Keep everyone productive. Proactively manage mobile devices with an interactive dashboard which helps IT address compliance and device issues instantly. Reduce risk of data breaches by blocking network access for non-compliant devices. The Self-Service Portal allows users to register their own devices and perform tasks such as a password reset, check their compliance status and decommission a device. That makes it ideal for customers considering Bring Your Own Device, as this takes a lot of burden away from IT staff.

SMC is available in two versions: for on-premise installation or as Software as a Service which is hosted on Sophos Central cloud. 

Sophos Mobile Control Cloud Administrative Console


Sophos Mobile Control solution is classified as a visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for enterprise mobility management suites in the year of 2016:

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Management Suites

Mobile Device Protection

The market dominance of Android devices and the inherent openness of Android led to the proliferation of malware and potentially unwanted applications (PUA). Malware can lead to data loss, reputation loss, additional costs, and reduced performance.

Sophos Mobile Security

Sophos Mobile Security app protects Android devices without compromising performance or battery life. The app uses up-to-the-minute intelligence from SophosLabs and the Sophos core engine, which means that apps are automatically scanned for malware as you install them.

Sophos Mobile Security features:

• Malware protection. Sophos Mobile Security app protects Android devices with proactive identification of malware. Apps are automatically scanned for malware as you install them. Sophos includes protection for potentially unwanted apps (PUAs) and low-reputation apps (new apps with no known history that may pose a threat). PUAs can include adware, rootkits, dialers, and even app associations to previous malicious behavior such as a compromised certificate.

• Web protection. Surf securely on the internet from Android device. Sophos Mobile Security checks all websites against a SophosLabs database for known malicious sites and prevents users from accessing them.

• App protection. Some apps on the phone contain more sensitive data than others. App Protection allows admins to enable a second level of authentication with an additional password.

• Privacy Advisor and Security Advisor. The Privacy Advisor analyzes all installed apps for potential privacy breaches, such as attempts to access your personal data like contacts. The Security Advisor analyzes settings and advises you on ways to increase your security.

Sophos Mobile Security can be managed from a central console. Choose either Sophos Central, which provides a cloud-based way to manage security, or Sophos Mobile Control, a powerful Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform.

Sophos Mobile Security for Android